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Fiduciary Services

We have served as court appointed receivers, trustees, liquidating and wind down agents, and assignees, and have also leveraged that experience to provide in depth fraud and forensic accounting services, and complex litigation support to similar fiduciaries including regulatory receivers and federal monitors.

Receiverships & Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors

Public Safety & Risk Mitigation

Liquidations, Wind Downs, and Dissolutions

Litigation Advisory

Trustees in Chapter 7, and 11 Proceedings, and Post Confirmation Plan Administration

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Receiverships and Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors

We have been appointed in both federal and state courts to serve as a fiduciary to accomplish the following:

  • Manage ongoing business activity

  • Displace management

  • Windup or liquidate business operations

  • Secure, marshal, and liquidate assets

  • Investigate and pursue litigation

  • Establish and manage a claims process

Our experience with regulatory receiverships and various industries have provided us with the tools and knowledge to unwind the most sophisticated fraud schemes.

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Liquidations, Wind Downs, and Dissolutions

As an advisor, board member or trustee of a wind down trust we are experienced in winding down and dissolving companies in any industry. Our experience and relationships with various governmental agencies and knowledge of statutory requirements allow us to ensure:

  • Proper governance

  • Statutory compliance

  • Tax and other regulatory obligations compliance

  • Asset liquidation

  • Dissolution

  • Distribution protection

Our attention to detail ensures that entity is dissolved and all regulatory and corporate governance issues are resolved.

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Trustees in Chapter 7, and 11 Proceedings, and Post Confirmation Plan Administration

In our capacity as Trustee in hundreds of chapter 7 and 11 proceedings and post confirmation administration and liquidation we:

  • Secure and liquidate assets

  • Investigate preferential and fraudulent transfers

  • Establish and manage a distribution and claims process

  • Enforce the rights of claimants under any plan or settlement

Through our significant experience serving successfully in fiduciary roles, we are intimately familiar with the procedures and requirements of the process, including working closely with courts and counsel.

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Public Safety & Risk Mitigation

We focus specialized knowledge of police operations, data and technology to implement best practices, priority initiatives and systems that build trust, accountability and capability. We provide:

  • Strategic planning and budgeting for Police, Fire and EMS services

  • Integrated risk scoring and performance management systems

  • Resource deployment, business process optimization and civilianization

  • Regulatory & oversight readiness

  • Occupational safety, health & wellness

  • Data and forensic technology enablement

  • Community reporting and engagement

  • Constitutional police practices and training

  • Fundraising and program development

  • Expert testimony and litigation support

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Litigation Advisory

We bring certified fraud examiners and financial forensics to uncover hidden discrepancies and buried deception. We work side-by-side with counsel and the fiduciary to identify and address key issues and bring:

  • Experienced industry expert witness professionals

  • Quantification of lost profits and other economic damages

  • Evaluation of appropriateness of accounting transactions

  • Analysis of fraud prevention systems

  • Reconstruction of financial transactions

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